Options for your Spray Bed Liner

19 Mar

The rubber bed mat – this is an old fashioned option but it is still considered good. There’s no dispute that the thick rubber materials have the capability to safeguard your truck’s bed from any scratches and provide a good surface that is capable of giving more friction. If you’re currently thinking of getting this, then you have to opt for the one that is thick enough. Those thin rubber mats would have the tendency to roll up whenever there is a load, which makes it more hazardous. Another important point is that, you have to ensure that the rubber mat has its knobby bottom in order to avoid the moisture to be trapped under the mat itself, which is actually a risk factor that leads to rusting. Finally, choose the rubber mats that have been pre-cut in order to fit your truck. The trim-yourself mats might not rightfully fit perfectly and tends to be a lot cheaper. Get more info about spray on bed liner in this article.

Plastic bed liner – the plastic bed liner’s fitting is just fine, it is very easy and fast to install, and have the best job in safeguarding the bed from any kinds of damages. The plastic bed liners are extremely nice if you require to slide some items out and in your truck. Also, the plastic won’t create any scratches in your bed and when it does, it could be easily washed. The largest disadvantage to the plastic drop-in liners is that, it could slide ant any time. The plastic is slippery, most especially if it is wet. Moreover, it seems like there’s much of gunk and moisture that would accumulate beneath the plastic liners, which requires you to get rid of it and clean your bed on a timely basis.

Plastic coating – You might have already seen some ads that endorse the specialized truck bed painting that you could apply yourself and produce a professional finish. By using a paintbrush and a roller, you could simply install your own spray on bed liner  surface in just one weekend. This concept is not right, unless you’ve had experience in doing such thing beforehand. There are lots of high chances of committing mistakes if it is still your first time. The worst thing that might happen is that, it does not bond perfectly to your bed all the time. There can be huge chunks that will flake at any time of the day. While such products must not be condemned together, none of these might seem to work. So, always proceed with extra care.

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